sweet standard sized

boy gets along great with other animals & loves children.


potty trained to grass. has first 2 vaccines. very cuddly. will weigh approx 55-65 full grown.



our Tiny little Lamb will be around 15 lbs full grown. She is quiet, gentle & will literally sit in your lap for hours. Has one gorgeous, bright blue eye.


vaccinations close to complete. car trained, crate trained, potty trained to grass.



Gracie is a miniature sheepadoodle puppy who will weigh approx 35 lbs full grown. she is joyful, loyal & loves big!!!  craves attention from people & constantly seeks it. 


Gracie has a wooly, cottony Silver coat

...silvers take 2 years to turn solid silver  


crate, leash & car trained.

vaccinations complete. 




I love People! I am expressive, calm & excellent with other animals. 


I have already learned how to potty in the grass when I wake up & after I eat! then I am happy to play with my brothers or cuddle with my momma.


leash, car & crate trained. vaccines complete. microchipped.


2 Standard OES puppies!!
Be still my heart....



Oliver is a stunning puppy with silky hair & 2 black ears. He is attentive, calm & happy. Wonderful with kids & other animals. Extraordinarily loyal. is going to be a big boy!!  


leash, car & crate trained. vaccinations complete. microchipped.




Linus is a sweet boy with silky hair & snow capped head. He is affectionate calm & gentle. He sits by the gate to wait for us when we leave & 'howls' with happiness when we return.Will make a very devoted companion. 


Leash, car & crate trained. vaccinations complete. Microchipped.



REFUNDABLE spay/neuter deposit required upon purchase.

Deposits to HOLD puppies for purchase are non refundable 

ALL PUPPIES BELOW have already gone to their new homes but please see our Available adults/older puppies page!!!

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